Everyone who uses products from P1G® can challenge even the most difficult natural conditions and emerge the winner.
  • Military personnel and law enforcement officers support program
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Today P1G® products are more than 300 items of field and outdoor clothing from under-helmet skull cap for bodybuilding to the special winter suit.
More than 300 items of field clothing
12 Camouflage patterns
Field photos
P1G® clothing and equipment in use.
Our products
are specially designed
to handle the most
challenging conditions
In the process of development of field equipment, we relied on the experience and suggestions from current employees of law enforcement agencies and military, which were then subjected to field tests.
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The level of trust of Ukrainians is growing every day, more and more people use our products in everyday life. The proof of this is hash tag #P1GTAC in social networks.
Airborne Assault Company Soldiers of the 1st separate Battalion of the Marine Corps of Ukrainian Navy in a waterproof suits Ameba-Mk-2 by P1G-Tac® Sergey Larkin and Callsign Marshall equipped from P1G-Tac® Soldiers of the 79th mechanized brigade in the equipment of P1G-Tac® Employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the UN mission wear SPFU suits by P1G-Tac® A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 54th separate reconnaissance battalion Vadim Pugovka equipped by P1G-Tac® SPFU suit Soldiers volunteer battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the field suits Mabuta-Mk-2 on P1G-Tac® Soldier from Volunteer Battalion Kiev-2 in outfit from P1G-Tac® Field SPFU suits and panama BHT from P1G-TAC Vyacheslav Galva, - call sign Kuzmich in a field suit MABUTA-Mk-2 byP1G-Tac®