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Returns/exchange policy
You can return/exchange products for 14 days after purchase*. The possibility is guaranteed by "Consumer Protection law". Return/exchange of the purchased products occurs by returning purchased products with further compensation of funds to the buyer or replacement for other products. 
To use this possibility please make sure that
Purchased product wasn't hardly used and doesn't have scratches, chips or abrasion.
Purchased product hasn't been modified in any way.
Product is fully equipped and package integrity is not compromised
All labeling is in place.
To conduct return or exchange buyer should fill "Return/exchange Form" which should be included in shipment with the products which will be returned/exchanged. Return/exchange shipments without the form will be returned.
Where to send (Ukrainian)
Shippind expences for return/exchange are paid by the customer. If the reason of return/exchange are manufacturing defects, then all shipping and handling expences are paid by P1G-TAC. In that case please be sure to specify that shipping will be paid by wire transfer.
After sending please inform us and send shipping number to the +38(067)659-59-79 phone or via e-mail to [email protected]
* 14 days perios begins from the moment of receiving your order at the post office.
In what case return/exchange can be declined:
mechanical or another damage that occured due to willful or negligent actions of the buyer or third party.
purchased product was repaired or modified in any way.
More information you can get here:

(044) 338-83-00, (067) 826-19-94, (050) 404-43-47  MON-FRI from 09-00 to 18-00, or write to [email protected] .

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Where to send (Ukrainian)