31 травня 2016

Field pants P1G-Tac TOP (Tactical Operator’s pants) by Ukrainian manufacturer P1G-Tac is the first thing from this company that I have been able to use, and by the test results, rushing a bit ahead, I can say that for sure not the last, as I was very pleased with the performance and quality of materials. On the web site of PROF1 Group there is presented a fairly detailed video review from Konstantin Lesnik, so I did not think to review these pants, but after having got them and testing in the field environment, I realized that they deserve another small review.

The Pants P1G-Tac came in brand carrying case with the manufacturer’s logo, made of Profit-on material (65% cotton and 35% polyester), which is already known to us by mountain suit Mount Trac MK-2. Places of increased wear are strengthened with nylon inserts made of nylon material 500D Cordura. The Cut of the pants is close- fitting, which was a bit unusual for me for the first time, as the last couple of years I have been using a free cut trousers. I thought that this might be a problem; that it will be uncomfortable to squat and crawl in this pants, and they will hinder the movements. In practice it turned out the other way around. Thanks to well thought-out anatomic cut, the pants are very comfortable.

The waist section is wide, allows using a fairly large range of belts. There are inserted soft porous lining for the entire perimeter that prevents rubbing of the skin at the moment, when you are wearing additional equipment, such as holster, pouches, or, as in my case, from the rigid belt of the discharge vest. Moreover, this material perfectly absorbs sweat. Slightly above there is lumbar area, which also protects the back from the wind, when you sit or bend. The pants are buttoned on zipper by YKK company and two large buttons of English type. The zipper’s length is correct, which allows not unbuttoning the pants completely in the moment when you have to take a leak, which in the field conditions is important.

The main front set-in pockets are large enough; you can work without any problems, not taking off with the gloves. I liked the neck section, it’s big and it does not stick out, there is room for a knife and / or a tactical flashlight, and you do not risk by removing the hand from the pocket, catch on your favourite knife and lose it. Back pockets fastened on two buttons, you won’t be able to put something big in it, and I think it is not necessary. With my «love» to the back pockets, for me they have a purely decorative function. There is also provided another hidden pocket in the pants that closes on velcro for small personal / important things, and because it is hidden I won’t name its location.

External thigh pockets are very voluminous and functional. As well as the back pockets they fasten on two large «English» buttons, located at an angle that allows you to work with them in any position. In the neck part of the pocket there is an elastic tightening, which will not allow the contents to fall out during intense movements. The design of the side pockets is such that, when the pockets are full and you need to sit down, it will not pull off the trouser leg. The pocket has a free course, due to the fact that its lower part is not tightly sewn to the trouser leg, and has an insertion at the bottom of the pocket.

he knees are strengthened by the layer Cordura, it is possible to insert a damping kneepads. The inserts that are located in the knee area contribute to the fact that without the slightest discomfort one could stand or sit on the knee, even if wearing external kneepads. Very nice moments is a special insert inside the leg cut, which is comfortable.

Field pants P1G-Tac top are pants that are made by professionals for professionals. They were my «number one» for field conditions. The company PROF1 Group offers Tactical Operator’s pants in Coyote colour, A-Tacs, ACU and Multicam for $ 70. The warranty for pants is one year, and the delivery for Ukraine is free.

source http://www.gearshout.net/obzor-polevyih-bryuk-p1g-tac-top