Frogman Range Shirt prototype developed by Group 281/z for P1G-Tac®

26 квітня 2016


Several weeks passed since the publication of my review of the pilot Plate Carrier «FOPC» (Field Operator`s Plate Carrier) from P1G-Tac®. Despite the lull in this blog, in social network Facebook the review has not gone unnoticed, and links to charts scattered across the network well. Judging by the reviews of readers, my style and flow like, and therefore continue!


Regular use of body armor, handling systems (load-out Molle belt with suspenders) and backpacks suggests the desire to improve the comfort of their use. Especially in the hot season of the year. The troops are gaining popularity potootvodyaschie crazy T-shirts, and combat shirt UBACS (Under Body Armor Combat Shirt). Following the demand for high-quality and comfortable uniforms, developers Group 281 / z prototyped Frogman Range Shirt and sent me this shirt for combat trials in the field.


In the production of T-shirts and shirts potootvodyaschih UBACS for police operators PMCs or the US military and UK use pleasant to the touch and good "breathable" materials «TF» (TropiFlex) and Coolmax. These same materials are used in the production and tracksuits for professional athletes.


Prototype Frogman Range Shirt shirt is made of «TF» (TropiFlex). Colour - MTP (MultiCam). In addition, soon will be available colors Tundra UkrPiksel. In fact, it's tight T-shirt with long sleeves, stand collar and damper plates. On the sleeves in the shoulder area of the flat zippered pockets and sewn on them Velcro fastener for attaching the patch or overhead. In pockets, if necessary, can hold ID, money, compass, lighter or other thing that has small size and volume.

Material shirt perfectly stretched and oblegaya shoulders and arms do not cause discomfort or circulatory impairment. Due to the structure of the fibers «TF» (TropiFlex) body feel any breeze, and sweat or other moisture appears on the surface and evaporates, providing excellent thermoregulation. Particular attention is drawn to the soft damping pads which cover the outer part of the elbow and forearm. Just figured damping pads are located above the shoulders in the area of the trapezius muscle on the back below the shoulder blades. The dampers are made of mesh air-mesh with a thin layer of soft porous foam. 3D mesh is sewn to the main fabric of the article using the flat seams exclude rubbing of the skin.


Grid has air-mesh three-dimensional weaving, which provides high strength and does not interfere with air circulation. This material has long been successfully used in the manufacture of suits divers, motorcyclists and people of other extreme sports. Actively used in the production of gloves, shoes, sports and tourist equipment and inventory.


Taking into account the wishes of the developers, I tried to give the maximum load. Out in the field - live like a pig. I had to crawl on their bellies, tumble, push-ups, run, climb trees, take different positions for shooting with a short-and long-barreled weapons, dived into a swamp, to extinguish cigarette butts on the clothes and even steam in the sauna. At the same time use a bulletproof vest, backpack and the CPF, wear under another garment.


During various physical exertion, I drew attention to the fact that nothing will restrict movement. Damping pads do not cause discomfort and skin under them is not "steamed", as when using neoprene damping inserts or using removable elbow pads. Blood circulation is not affected. Arms and shoulders "breathe" better than in a combat shirt UBACS. Prikladka when firing a machine gun with the left and right shoulder is not broken.

Collar stand to protect the neck from rubbing weapons belt, without squeezing the throat.


At the time position for shooting prone, in spite of the small thickness of the damper, there is depreciation in contact with the surface, which improves comfort stops on the elbows or forearms.

When crawling on their bellies or changing positions otherwise significantly reduces the likelihood of burns from the friction. This makes it possible to increase the speed of movement, concentrating on the task and not be distracted by minor troubles.

Long sleeves, among other things, increases the protection against insects and sunburn, and combat conditions, in contrast to T-shirts with short sleeves or tank tops, makes it easier to camouflage and remain unnoticed by the adversary. Practitioners know that the open hands and covered with makeup or face mesh are visible from afar. Flashed open parts of the body, it's like a flashlight to give signals to the enemy, they say, here I am - take aim carefully


When used with a backpack, armor and unloading, especially with not very high-quality coverage of the shoulder, you know how much happier on the presence of an intermediate layer of softening. The best part is that unlike the vest or jacket with seams in the most problematic areas or generators in the most inappropriate places folds, Frogman Range Shirt alleviates pressure on the trapeze and back. At the same ventilation and drying occur much faster.


o our great disappointment, the net does not break, only appeared on the screen surface villi, and dirt and sand easily cleaned up with hand washing. And yes, one of dried pine needles climbed deep into the net, but when I took it out without significant labor, I was glad that during the climb damper mesh protect me from the discomfort and unpleasant sensations.

We must understand that there is nothing eternal. Wipe and Cordura - checked by me. But I do not really like that shirt was easy insertion of the "hot" Cordura. Well, maybe if I had it down a cliff. Actually, everyone chooses what to sacrifice. Strength or comfort.

When used in extremely high temperatures, particularly in the sauna, I noticed the sweat evaporates quickly and, importantly, the steam does not burn as much as the naked body. I believe that on a hot sunny day will be relatively comfortable in this shirt. Will the summer - will experience more.

With regard to cigarette butts, sparks, flames, I note that the material is not fireproof, but, burned, it does not flow thick jet that can leave deep burns and ignite gunpowder. Cigarette butt did not let his shirt ignited, and the hole was formed as if the fabric melts evaporated. Do not fireproof, but relatively safe when dealing with fire.

Traditionally, I paid attention to the seams. Sutures flat - do not rub. Sutures are neat - pleasing to the eye. Sutures quality - will be long. By the way, by contract, made for the British Army, the combat shirt - Curves seams. Sew in China to save. And the soldiers fighting units of developed countries, meanwhile, issued to replace the forms and equipment, buy what they need from specialized manufacturers.

Frogman Range Shirt has a somewhat unusual appearance. Something like suit for motorcycle racer. But those who are worried about their very thin arms and narrow shoulders, probably will not miss the masking volume in the sleeves and massive decorative and protective pads.

Known disadvantages: On the base material, during operation, are formed slight tightening and hairiness is formed on the grid. In places of contact with the damper body stripes a little longer than the heat exchange and evaporation.

I repeat the same thing as in the previous review. The evaluation did not spend in points that no one was hurt, but bekah. According desyatibekovoy system. Remind: Beck - this is my call. After all, we must not forget that this is only my opinion and my assessment, not the ultimate truth!

Appearance - 10 Beks
Comfort - 10 Beks
Reliability - 8 Beks
Versatility - 10 Beks
Accessibility - is not yet known

Frogman Range Shirt is made of high quality materials and fittings, with high wear resistance. Provides comfortable use at elevated temperatures, the air is easily combined with various elements of uniforms and equipment, can withstand higher dynamic loads during heavy exercise, in conditions close to the fighting.
Frogman Range Shirt is not a substitute for combat shirt, the more refractory combat shirt, and conceived as an alternative wicking T-shirt or polo, used in the warm season.
Suitable, when according to the tasks, for use by police departments, collectors, operators of security and private military companies, employees, and military special forces and other combat arms.
Also suitable for extreme sports, CrossFit, tourism, hunting and shooting practice.
I believe, it will be assessed at its true worth the Instructors and people highly value comfort in uncomfortable conditions.

Peace to your home!

Andrew (Beck) Kudabekov

/ Photo of the author and an instructor in tactical medicine Alex Biermann, a link to the source obligatory /