Hot climate wicking T-shirt
«UAT-Base Level»

26 липня 2016

Under Armor T-shirt Base Level or UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® is a light moisture-wicking T-shirt from Ukrainian P1G-Tac® brand, intended to be used as a base level during periods of high temperatures, physical activities and intense movements.

Base layers for cold weather conditions (such as Base Level 1 Active by P1G-Tac® that we reviewed previously) drive sweat away from your body in order to reduce body heat losses caused by radiation and evaporation. During hot seasons and in arid environments, especially when you need to wear load bearing equipment and\or body armor, those radiation and evaporation could become your cure from hyperthermia. Protective gear, as you know, contains armor plates (that are not vented at all), and is made from dense durable fabrics that do not provide a good airflow. These conditions block quick evaporation of sweat with simultaneous cooling of the body. One of the possible solutions, making that cooling faster could be moisture-wicking T-shirt UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac®, that has following features:

  • Highly elastic fabric, providing tight positioning to the body.
  • Flat seams that do not cause discomfort.
  • Mesh usage in areas providing the most heat & sweat.
  • Core materials: CoolFan hot climate membrane material (80% nylon : 20% elastane).
  • Available colors: Black, Olive, Coyote.

UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® works based on the following principle. Sweat, generated by your body, is absorbed by CoolFan membrane material and is evenly spread on a larger surface. High elasticity of the fabric allows T-shirt to tightly fit the skin and contour the body, thus, in its turn, helping in increase of absorption area even more. Airflow, be it the heat radiation of your own body or the blow of the wind, goes through the material and evaporates the moisture, absorbed by the fabric. This process reduces body heat in the area of evaporation thanks to what, even during the high temperatures of the environment and/or rise of physical activity, you overheat less. When you use regular T-shirts this process takes more time, since sweat is either absorbed by the material and is held within it for a long time, or is not evaporated at all and drips down your body without taking up enough excessive body heat. Compared to those T-shirts UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® wins a lot.

In our review, we will be looking at UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® in Olive color.

Same to other elements of gear produced by the same manufacturer, UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® is shipped in the cloth bag with company’s logo, cord lock and tie-down on the top. Using this cloth bag with the T-shirt has its benefits, since the bag lets the air pass through its material unlike plastic bags. Thanks to it, you cannot worry that after a long walk or work out the sweaty T-shirt put in the bag or backpack will remain wet and stinky. Airflow dries the T-shirt and evaporates the collected moisture.

We will now continue with cut and fit details of Under Armor T-shirt Base Level by P1G-Tac®.

UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® sleeves are made in raglan fashion, so the seam along the shoulder is missing and causes no discomfort and does not cut into skin when carrying heavy backpacks, load bearing equipment, body armor and other gear. Same flat seams are used everywhere around the T-shirt. The Under Armor T-shirt (UAT) name suggests optimization towards usage with different armor systems and attention to seams placement and core material clodding.

Armpit area of UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® has the airmesh insert with rather big holes in it, that help driving the sweat and excessive heat away from the body faster when activity level is rising. A small P1G-Tac® subdued logo on the chest could also be seen on the image above.

There is a silicone strip circling the whole lover edge of UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® that resembles the one used in Winter Underwear Suit Arctic Fox by P1G-Tac® we have reviewed previously. This strip increases friction of core material next to skin or underwear and helps securing the lower end of the T-shirt beneath the belt or pants even when you kneel, bend, wave hands or start moving actively.

The main temperature regulator of the UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® is a huge air mesh area located on the back, along the spine. Since this area generates a lot of heat and sweat during physical activities, the mesh located here allows drying it quickly via heat radiation and evaporation. You will immediately feel how this mesh performs when running, exercising or using UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® with body armor or backpack. If your plate carrier has a developed airflow system like my 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier has, then using UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® with it only increases the effect.

While wearing UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac®, I have noticed how quickly sweat evaporates from T-shirt’s surface. It dries almost as fast as it absorbs moisture. You do not sweat less, but there are less sweat flows running down you torso for sure. For the most part, it is absorbed and evaporated right in the place of its appearance. The cooling effect created by net in armpits and on the back is well felt during a run and in the mild wind.

UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® will serve good to military personnel and law enforcement, carrying their duty in hot climates, field and arid environments, professional athletes and all people who try to stay fit. In summer months if you spend a lot of time on the streets without taking your backpack off (bikers, cyclists, carriers etc.) you should consider buying this T-shirt as well.

Size chart, all colors and current prices for UAT Base Level by P1G-Tac® are always available at manufacturer’s web store –, where we bought the shirt shown in the review.

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