Summer field jacket
Summer field jacket "PCJ- LW "(Punisher Combat Jacket-Light Weight) - Prof-It-On
1998 00 uah
color:[MM-14] Ukrainian camo MM-14
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TROPICAL Prof-IT-ON 60%CO 40%PE (195 gr/sqm)
1 year
Summer field jacket "PCJ- LW "(Punisher Combat Jacket-Light Weight) - Prof-It-On
"PCJ" (Punisher Combat Jacket) was developed is addition "PCP" (Punisher Combat Pants) It was designed for field combat use and for wearing in the deployment. "PCJ" will ideally suit for law enforcement, security, hunters, fishermen and for everyone who appreciates quality and durability of military clothing.
"PCJ" (Punisher Combat Jacket) construction includes six outer and two inner pockets, reinforced places of additional abrasion (e.g. elbows), extinsive ventilation system, adjustable waist, velcro for attaching patches and insignia, stand-up collar. All seams and reinforcements are made with high-quality english "Coats®" threads
Stand-up collar protects neck from direct sunlight and also protects it from rubbing by shoulder straps of backpacks, weapon slings and load-bearing systems. "PCJ" (Punisher Combat Jacket) cut allows to use it as a jacket with thermal underwear or as uniform coat/jacket (by adjusting waist)
Instead of buttons is "PCJ" (Punisher Combat Jacket) zipper is used in the jacket. Zipper is covered by a flap with YKK® hook and loop fastener. In the hot weather jacket can be left unzipped with only flap closed, which creates additional ventilation capabilities while protecting user from sand, dust and mud
Chest outer pockets are zipped and have two access points, which allows their usage while wearing body armor, LBE, chest rigs etc. They can also be used for additional ventilation with both zippers open. Above these pockets there are YKK® hook fastener panels for attaching standard branch and last name patches.
On the lower part of "PCJ" (Punisher Combat Jacket) there are two volumous zipped side-access pockets. Pockets are placed in such way that they can be easily accessed with body armor on.
Lower part of "PCJ" jacket is adjusted with light nylon strap and two fixation stoppers.
On the sleeves there are two zipped pockets. On the pockets there are YKK® loop fastener panels for attaching flags and insignia. Top part of the panel is not sewn to the sleeve for the purpose of storing chemlights, markers, pens, etc. Sleeves have anatomical cut. Elbow area is reinforced with addition fabric layer, which forms a pocket for soft dampening pads. Sleeve cuffs are adjustable
Inner lining of all pockets is made of nylon mesh, which allows to use pockets for ventilation purposes and reduces overall weight of the jacket.
On the armpits there is also mesh ventilation. Such ventilation enchanses wearing comfort of "PCJ" (Punisher Combat Jacket) during warm time of the year.
Volumous flap on the scapula zone of the back completes the ventilation system of the jacket. Such location prevents its blocking by body armor and another load-bearing equipment and also creates air pocket for extinsive heat removal, which is essential in combat conditions with body armor on, especially on high temperatures.
Size chart of "PCJ" (Punisher Combat Jacket) takes in to consideration shrinking of fabric after several machine washings. Punisher Combat Jacket is made of blended (60% Cott 40% poly) "Prof-It-On" Rip-Stop Canvasl fabric with a density of 210g/m², which has a water-repellent treatment, increased strength, fire-resistant characteristics, vapor permeability, which is important for continuous operation in the field.

All materials are NIR Compliant
Made in Ukraine!
TROPICAL Prof-IT-ON 60%CO 40%PE (195 gr/sqm)
1 year