Summer mountain jacket
Summer mountain jacket "Mount Trac MK-2"
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65% cotton, 35% polyester (Rip-stop "Profit-on")
1 year
Summer mountain jacket "Mount Trac MK-2"
In Soviet times was a very popular military suit "Mountain" (or just suit "Gorka"), which typically involve generic name sets (jacket and pants) made of tarpaulin. Today the Soviet "Gorka" are now obsolete and the company P1G-TAC set a goal to create "Gorka of the 21st century". "Gorka of the 21st century" or "Mount Trac MK-2" jacket is a light, summer jacket from high quality material that could be used in the summer, early fall and late spring. THis jacket would become maximally vented lightweight shirt in desert conditions or hot tropical climate.
High durability of "Mount Trac MK-2" suit or "Gorka of the 21st century" was reached by using the latest material "Profit-on" (65% cotton, 35% polyester, Rip-Stop), successfully passed laboratory and field tests. In the production of this material uses an innovative approach to the structure of the binding fiber and reinforcement fabrics. High-quality fittings and YKK accessories (Japaneses) meets all the requirements of military clothing specifications. Exceptional degree of comfort and unique multifunctionality of "Gorka of the 21st century" were marked by the leading operators of special forces of Ukraine due to some of the original features of the jacket "Mount Trac MK-2":
  • The "Raglan" cut type of the sleeves helps to make convenient and easy swing movements of hands – which is important in the field. Thus on the bottom of the sleeves there are safety flaps that provide additional protection from water and wind. In addition, the elbow area of the sleeves are reinforced with additional layer of fabric and have compartment for damping neopren inserts.
  • Quite fitted but at the same time loose fit that allows you to use the jacket in conjunction with body armor or extra warm clothing without creating uncomfortable folds on the body.
  • Chest pockets have an increased capacity and allow you to store and transport documents, maps and personal belongings. Also you can you them like a drop pouch for empty magazines (holds up to five AK or M-16 magazines).
  • Roomy sleeve side pockets don`t increase the silhouette of the jacket.
  • Inner part of the pockets made of durable nylon mesh for lightweight design and extra ventilation. Also Under the arms there are special vents to increase ventilation. Additional ventilation can be provided by opening the zippers of the main closure and chest pockets.
  • All zippers on the jacket have no additional straps and hidden under the small flap, which prevents spontaneous opening.
  • In extreme weather conditions raised collar and extracted hood ensure a 100% level of windproof and a moderate level of waterproof. Thus, the hood can be adjusted to any type of headgear or protective helmet and serve as an additional masking element, blurring the contour of the head. If the use of the hood is not assumed, then it can be unfastened and mountain jacket will turn into a light summer shirt.
  • The length of the jacket is chosen in such a way so as not to block the access to the main pockets of trousers "Mount Trac MK-2", which are set to the jacket.
  • At the bottom of the jacket are adjustable laces that allow you to adjust its size depending on clothing, used under the jacket, as well as to ensure a snug fit and to prevent penetration of wind, dust, sand and dirt.
  • For fixing the identification pannels on the chest and on the sleeves there are Velcro® platform, shoulder Velcro® pannels equipped with a special removable camouflage covers which can either hide the insignia (which is important for special forces) or in addition to camouflage the Velcro® platform.
All this allows us to recommend the jacket "Mount Trac MK-2" for use, primarily, in the units operating in the forested, mountainous terrain, weather conditions during the day can quickly change from heat to cold, as well as for use in special units working in the field. Jacket can be an indispensible thing for hunters and fishermen becoming a versatile jacket that can be used almost all year round.

Review of Mount Trac MK-2 suit by Secret Squirrel Review of Mount Trac MK-2 suit

Review of Mount Trac MK-2 suit by Review of Mount Trac MK-2 suit

65% cotton, 35% polyester (Rip-stop "Profit-on")
1 year
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