Aviator jacket
Aviator jacket "INTELLIGENCE"
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Aviator jacket "INTELLIGENCE"

The INTELLIGENCE demi-seasonal aviator jacket is designed as a versatile closet item. Thanks to its inconspicuous design it is suitable for undercover work, so it would be an excellent choice for operatives, bodyguards and special forces. This model is designed based on the classic MA-1 bomber jacket, which retains the charm of the 40s-50s of the 20th century, which is complemented by modern materials and advanced functionality.

The jacket's construction resembles an American flight bomber, but a number of improvements make the INTELLIGENCE a completely different piece in terms of functionality. On the outside there are three pockets, which are closed with a zipper. The bottom pockets are suitable for medium-sized equipment, and the top pocket is for documents or cell phone. Also in the breast pocket there is a loop for attaching a police badge or service ID on a lanyard or chain. The A5 pocket is located on the inside for convenient placement of small-sized equipment or electronics.

The INTELLIGENCE jacket is made of Nylon 6 material, which is characterized by its durability and good waterproofing performance, which provides protection from precipitation and wind. The warmth is ensured by a thermo-quilted lining with Hollowsoft. Hem, cuffs and neckline are made of seamless knitted fabric, which creates more comfort while using the bomber. This combination of materials contributes to better heat retention and resistance of the product to external factors.

The INTELLIGENCE bomber jacket is perfect for all "quiet" professionals who work with weapons, as well as for fans of military style. Now everyone can look stylish and practical!

  • 4 pockets
  • pullers with zippers
  • a loop under the collar to hang the jacket
  • internal waterproof flap on the central zipper
  • elastic cuffs protect the wrists from the weather and can be easily integrated with a variety of gloves and mittens
  • fabrics - basic Nylon 6 (100% Nylon), padding - Hollowsoft (100% Polyester)
1 year