Field Long Sleeve Shirt
Field Long Sleeve Shirt "CIVILIS L/S"
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Field Long Sleeve Shirt "CIVILIS L/S"

The CIVILIS L/S Field Long Sleeve Shirt is designed for a wide range of hot weather applications. This shirt can be used as field or training wear, and thanks to the materials used it drains excess moisture well and dries quickly.

The tight fit and cuffs on the sleeves ensure a better fit of the CIVILIS T-shirt and comfort during active movements. It also features a special armpit design that minimizes moisture buildup and improves vapor permeability.

CIVILIS provides two zones of abrasion resistant mesh Tropiflex material: the arms and upper chest with TropiFlex Classic and the torso and back with TropiFlex Perforated. The difference is that the Perforated fabric has increased ventilation holes, which is useful when using the T-shirt with an armor vest or an off-duty vest. At the same time the sleeves will be more durable, due to the greater density of the material. All parts of the product are connected by high-tech Flatlock seam, which ensures uniform stretching of the shirt during active movements and increases its durability.

This field shirt will be indispensable in the service and in any type of activities - sports, trips to the nature in hot weather, and the like. Always be at your best with CIVILIS!

  • armpit area design minimizes moisture retention
  • draws excess moisture away from the body and dries quickly
  • anatomically shaped collar shields the neck from the sun and wicks away moisture
  • flat seams allow complete freedom of movement and stretch together with the fabric
  • fabrics - core is TropiFlex Classic (100% Polyester, 200 g/m2), torso and back is TropiFlex Perforated (100% Polyester, 170 g/m2)
1 year