Field pants
Field pants "PCP - FR-Pro" (Punisher Combat Pants-FR-Pro) - Defender M
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Defender M (64%Lenzing FR/ 24%para-aramid /10%PA/ 2% antistatic/210gm/sq.m)
1 year
Field pants "PCP - FR-Pro" (Punisher Combat Pants-FR-Pro) - Defender M
"PCP - FR-Pro" (Punisher Combat Pants-FR-Pro) were developed for combat use. They are ideal for military, hikers, hunters, fishermen and security specialists - everyone who needs high-quality field clothing. "PCP - FR-Pro" (Punisher Combat Pants-FR-Pro) have additional durability during active use in extreme conditions due to their design where all pockets and reinforcement pads are stitched with double seams.
Waist of the "PCP - FR-Pro" trousers has foamed synthetic rubber insert which creates additional comfort while wearing hard duty trouser belts, field gear in pouches and holstered weapons. Inner part of "PCP - FR-Pro" trousers waist has special sweat-wicking lining for additional wear comfort in the hot climate.
Wide belt slots allow you to use belts up to 6 cm wide. There are d-rings from nylon 6.6 on the four front belt slots. They may serve as additional fixation for safety lanyards or carabiners with small gear and equpment which is carried in pockets or on belt.
Upper front pockets have enlarged size and "neck" for easing the acces to the pocket without taking off your winter or tactical gloves. Pocket "neck" is reinforced with additional layer of fabric to decrease abrasion wear. Front pockets' lining is made of synthetic mesh. This echances ventilation and drainage abilities of the PCP trousers.
Besides there are two patch pockets over main front pockets for carrying compact personal equipment (folding knives, multitools, flashlights, communication devices). Therefore this pockets are located and designed not to interfere with main front pockets.
On the back side of the trousers there are two volumetric pockets. Left pocket has YKK® flap. Special outlets for water runoff are made in the folds of his pockets.
Thigh pockets of "PCP - FR-Pro" have increased volume and allow to carry even 45/40-round mags of AK/RPK or any another equipment or personal belongings. Inside this pockets there are additional meshed compartments for storing small equipment. Thigh pockets has YKK® flaps and have outlets for water runoff.
Below the main thigh pockets (in ther lower side of the trousers) there are additional pockets for transportation of tourniquets, hemostatic products, dressings, or other personal equipment of a similar size. This pockest have YKK® flaps.
Trouser legs are adjustable with YKK®.
Knee zone has anatomical structure. Outer layer of fabric and inner reinforcement pad in the knee create a pocket for kneepads.
Size chart of "PCP - FR-Pro" (Punisher Combat Pants-FR-Pro) is created by taking into account the shrinkage of the base material after multiple machine washings.
"PCP - FR-Pro" (Punisher Combat Pants-FR-Pro) tactical pants are made of special fire-resistant TenCate Defender-M fabric which provides protection from high temperatures and open flame (according to EN ISO 11612A1,A2,B1,C1:2008). Defender-M fabric withstands 800°C for 4 seconds (manequin test according to ISO 13506:2008). At the same time fire-resistant properties of Defender-M fabric are durable and does not degrade during expoitation and washing due to the fact that these properties are implemented of the fabric fibers level. Defender-M has special anti-static thread (TenCate Static-Control) which prevent the accumulation of static electricity (1149-3:2004). Defender-M fabric has high air and vapor permeability characteristics, which allows cofortable use of pants even in tropical and desert conditions.
"PCP - FR-Pro" (Punisher Combat Pants-FR-Pro) are developed by P1G specialists.
All materials and furniture, used in "PCP - FR-Pro" (Punisher Combat Pants-FR-Pro) are NIR compliant.
Made in Ukraine.
Defender M (64%Lenzing FR/ 24%para-aramid /10%PA/ 2% antistatic/210gm/sq.m)
1 year