Group 281/З

In the early 2015 by the directive 281/З was established a working group for improving and reformation of current material provision system of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The group was led by Konstantine Lesnik

By November 2015, working only volunteerly, the group proposed regulatory and technical documentation for the Armed Forces transition to a new level of material support in accordance with NATO standards. As part of this work were developed two standard kits: Combat Uniform Kit (CUK) and Special Combat Kit (SCK) - the unified sets of equipment for the Armed Forces servicemen.

In October 2015 on the base of developments by Group 281/З Ministry of Defence of Ukraine created a separate unit - Center for Development and support of material provision of Ukrainian Armed Forces. In November 2015 Group 281/З joined the Center as development, and quality control department.

Group specialists have analyzed development, standartization and quality control systems of Ukrainian Armed Forces material provision mechanism.

Legislative initiatives of changing current legislation in the field of servicemen material provision were developed, coordinatend and handed over to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine througn Administration of President of Ukraine. Verkhovna Rada voted for amendments to legislation and they came into force. These changes allowed the Ministry of Defense to approve the norms of material provision for military personnel without additional coordination with other ministries and departments.


Specialists of the working group created and offered a modern quality control system with a mandatory three-stage quality control  of parameters specified in the MOD regulations.

Specialists of the group organized and participated in official visit to PEO Soldier center.

By working group in cooperation with Center for Development and support of material provision (CDSMP) of Ukrainian Armed Forces were developed new Norms of servicemen provision with field uniform, equipment and individual protection means. This norms were coordinated with departments of MoD and General Staff in the established order, and were approved by the order №664 from 01.12.2015.

25 regulatory documents (Technical specifications and requirements) were developed by working group 281/З and approved according to established order

12 regulatory documents (Technical specifications and requirements) were developed by working group (as a part os CDSMP of Ukrainian Armed Forces) and approved according to established order

Also 10 regulatory documents were developed in cooperation with CDSMP which approval was initiated  in due course

Specialists of 281/З  initiated adoption of seventeen NATO standards (STANAG) as departmental standards of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. They are extremely urgent for the development, standardization and quality control of  military uniforms, personal equipment and personal protective equipment.