Field patrol backpack
Field patrol backpack "LRPB-3D" (Long Range Patrol Backpack-3Day)
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1000D Cordura
1 year
Field patrol backpack "LRPB-3D" (Long Range Patrol Backpack-3Day)
Field 3-day patrol backpack "LRPB-3D" (Long Range Patrol Backpack-3Day) - universal field patrol backpack with the possibility of it adapting to the current tasks. "LRPB-3D" - a new generation of backpacks, which are ideal as a professional military and law enforcement agencies, as well as hunters, fishermen and travelers. When creating a backpack we use only professional materials and accessories (military specification) - Cordura 1000D and YKK accessories.
"LRPB-3D" backpack-transformer consists of six individual components (main compartment backpack, universal field bag, and two universal pouches medium size, large universal organizer pouch and transport belt). Each of these parts can be used separately as a single item of equipment, and in any version together with any equipment from any manufacturer having MOLLE webbing.

Main compartment of "LRPB-3D" backpack.
Main transport compartment of "LRPB-3D" backpack is equipped with wide transport shoulder straps with mesh ventilation system made of nylon. The shoulder straps have a system of quick size adjustment and emergency release (two-side emergency release). On the outside of the shoulder straps are MOLLE loops and D-shaped metal rings for mounting of additional equipment.
Molded back panel or extra comfort, and a pocket to insert a Ballistic Plate if required. In addition, there is ventilation system at back made of a nylon mesh. Main transport compartment opens up to 80% (YKK zipper), allowing you to comfortably take out, put necessary equipment, and personal belongings. For additional fixing of equipment inside the main compartment there are nylon straps with YKK buckles. On the inner surface of the cover there are two additional mesh pockets (YKK zippers), which can be used to transport equipment, personal hygiene and personal belongings. Three holes for radio antennas, cables or hydration tubes positioned at the top of the rucksack.
Along the perimeter of the main compartment, there are three carrying handles in both the vertical and horizontal positions. The entire perimeter of the backpack has MOLLE webbing, which can be used for additional pouches. Velcro panels for ID and reflectors. At the bottom are metal eyelets for water drainage.

Universal Field Bag from "LRPB-3D" backpack.
Backpack "LRPB-3D" is equipped with a universal knapsack bag, which is fastened to the main branch of the state is an outer pocket organizer backpack. Bag can be worn independently as a shoulder bag tablet (for this purpose bag is equipped with a removable shoulder strap), as a compact backpack (for this purpose bag equipped with shoulder straps), the bag can also be fastened to the discharge transport belt, webbed and body armor, having fastening system MOLLE. The bag is also equipped with a transport handle.
Inside the bag, backpack are ten pockets and compartments of various sizes, which can be used to carry laptops and tablet computers, communications equipment and communication tools of orientation, maps, documents, written and map accessories, personal belongings, etc. On the outer surface of the bag there is multi-purpose medium-sized pocket. On the upper area of the bag, there is Molle for additional pouches and equipment.

Universal medium sized pouches from "LRPB-3D" backpack.
"LRPB-3D" backpack is equipped by two universal medium sized pouches that are strapped to a backpack and used as side pouches. Pouches can also be used with any other transport unloading belts, bags, webbed and flak jackets that have fastening system MOLLE. Inside pouches there are two internal pockets. The outer area of pouches has MOLLE webbing system. At the bottom are metal eyelets for water drainage. D-Rings for fixing additional unloading braces (when pouches worn on the transport belt).

Universal organizer pouch from "LRPB-3D" backpack.
"LRPB-3D" backpack is equipped with a large universal organizer pouch, which is strapped to a backpack and used as a additional pouch. Pouch can also be used with any transport unloading belts, bags, plate carriers that have MOLLE system. Inside the pouch there are four internal pockets made of nylon mesh that are used for additional equipment. At the top of the pouch there are MOLLE webbing system. At the bottom are metal eyelets for water drainage.

Operational MOLLE transport belt.
"LRPB-3D" backpack is equipped by removable transport belt. The belt can be unfastened from the backpack and used as a stand-alone fully functional transport MOLLE belt. The belt has a damping insert around the perimeter, which serves to compensate the weight of worn equipment. The belt has adjustable size thanks to the YKK buckle.

You can use all pouches, belts and bag like a field load bearing equipment.
In the field, there are situation when there is no need to wear a backpack. For this situations you can use pouches, transport belt and bag included in "LRPB-3D" backpack.
Belt, pouches and bag released from the backpack. Large universal pouch organizer is mounted on the back panel of the transport belt. Medium sized pouches are attached to the sides of the transport belt and fixed via D-rings to the shoulder straps of the backpack. Shoulder straps and transport belt are adjustable in size and height position. Thus, this field load bearing equipment is large enough and can be used for a one-day field trip. This LBE system can be used together with body armor vests, loading vests and independently.

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1000D Cordura
1 year