American winter parka N3B
American winter parka N3B "Alaska" Crew
P1G Living History
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Outer layer: 100% nylon REGENTEX; Warming lining: Thinsulate+Thermolight (polyester)
American winter parka N3B "Alaska" Crew
P1G Living History
Winter flight parka N3B ("Alaska") is an example of one of the most successful winter jackets designed for military purposes which has become a classic element of winter clothing for travelers, hunters, fishermen and civilian people who prefer light, warm, durable and practical winter jackets.
History of N3B begins in the early 50s of the 20th century, when during the Korean War the United States Air Force unit began to receive first samples of jackets for the extremely cold weather that got military markings N3B. These jackets were different from all winter clothing available to the US Armed Forces because they for the first time have been produced using only artificial synthetic materials, production of whick were just started. N3B parka was made of polyamide fibers (nylon), polyester insulation, and even fur trim collar is made of artificial fur. This was done due to the fact that, as shown by medical research, many products from natural materials caused allergic reactions.
N3B had a comfortable fit and good location of pockets, and by using only synthetic materials N3B had low weight and good thermoregulatory and moisture barrier properties, which is very important in low temperature conditions. Very quickly a new jacket has gained popularity among the troops. Despite of the 60-year old design, N3B parka is still used by the Armed Forces of the United States.
During its history the jacket became so popular that, perhaps, most people who wear N3B as a civilian version are not even aware of its military origin. In our country, for example, N3B was referred to as "Alaska". N3B jakets are produced by countless different firms and companies both for military and civil markets. In 2013,P1G-Living History created classic N3B parka using modern materials of the 21st century. But the style and "charm" of good old N3b "Alaska" was preserved. The top is made of nylon coated with polyurethane, which increases the moisture resistance and durability as a whole jacket. In addition, places of the greatest wear (elbows, valves pockets, zipper pockets, tightening straps attachment points) are reinforced by Cordura 600D, which also makes N3B by P1G-Living History more rugged and more resistant to wear.
Heat insulation (lining) jacket is made with multi-layer "sandwich" of modern insulating materials Thinsulate (3M) and Thermolight. Structure of a lining allows you to keep more heat inside the jacket and prevents the penetration of cold air inside the jacket, and also has better wind protection properties, compared with a warming single-layer .
Hood jacket trimmed with artificial hypo-allergenic fur, which increases insulating properties of the hood. The hood is large and has three adjustment points, allowing you to wear it on top of the protective and flight helmets of any configuration, as well as over any summer and winter hats. The hood be adapted on the in such way that only the eyes remain open. This function is needed for field use at low temperatures.
Jacket Park N3B "Alaska" is equipped with environmentally friendly reusable packaging (mesh bag), which can be used continuously for the transportation and storage of jacket.

Обзор комплекта N3B Аляска Crew by P1G-Tac® от Secret Squirrel

Outer layer: 100% nylon REGENTEX; Warming lining: Thinsulate+Thermolight (polyester)