Jacket "CCRJ Mk-2" (Cross Country Race Jacket Mk-2)
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Membrane, wind- waterproof fabric WW-Block® G2 (100% polyester)
1 year
Jacket "CCRJ Mk-2" (Cross Country Race Jacket Mk-2)
Demi-season jacket CCRJ Mk-2 - is a new generation of field unifors for the demi-season extreme conditions. Without a doubt, we can say that a new field jacket Cross Country Race Jacket Mk-2 is ideal for those categories of people whose lives involved with field operation of equipment and clothing in different weather and climat conditions. CCRJ Mk-2 - a demi jacket for the military, law enforcement, rescue workers, hunters, fishermen and travelers, as well as for fans of extreme winter sports.
Jacket Cross Country Race Jacket Mk-2 is created from a new revolutionary material WW-Block® G2, which is a new improved version of the popular material WW-Block®. WW-Block® G2 has all the qualities of winter membrane material WW-Block® (elasticity, windproof, heat retention, moisture protection, no rustling in the movement, light weight), the WW-Block® G2 has a reinforced upper layer reinforced with Rip Stop, which serves to more durability when martial operation clothing and equipment. WW-Block® G2 is one of the few membrane materials, specially designed for use in the military field conditions at extremely low temperatures. As a rule, in winter field conditions for insulation used many layers of clothing, which in itself binds human movement. Unlike most of the materials used for the upper layers of winter clothing, WW-Block® G2 elastic (10% stretch material without loss of material properties returning to the initial state), thereby reducing the pressure on the person in action and do not prevent sudden movements.
The lattice structure of the membrane WW-Block® G2 is designed for the conditions of low temperature so that 80% of the heat reflected from the surface of the body returned back and only 20% (excess heat during active operations at low temperatures) extends outwardly through the membrane bars.
Most modern membrane materials with polyurethane surface are not suitable for low temperatures due to the fact that polyurethane hardens at low temperatures, which subsequently leads to hardening of the tissue in general. The result is a "rustling" in the movements.
To protect WW-Block® membrane thermal farbric we don`t use polyurethane spray but use tight structured polyester-fleece (inside) that protects the membrane from exposure of low temperatures, abrasion and creates an additional layer of air inside insulated clothing made using WW-Block® G2. This three-layer membrane structure fabric completely removes the effect of rustling.
Cross Country Race Jacket Mk-2 jacket has an anatomical cut of the main part of the jacket and sleeves that does not create unnecessary folds of clothes. So you can wear body armor and heavy expedition backpacks over the jacket.
Anatomical design of the sleeves does not create stress in the movements and deformations of the hand. That `s why it is not difficult to work with weapons and equipment. This functionality is especially important in autumn and winter when you put extra insulated layers of clothing under the jacket. Cuffs are adjustable using Velcro straps.
High collar of the CCRJ Mk-2 jacket allows you to fully protect the neck from the wind, cold, snow, while not creating additional folds.
Main front YKK zipper.
On the chest and at the lower front of the jacket are voluminous internal pockets (total 4 front pockets). The pockets have YKK zipper. While maintaining a large internal volume pockets have a flat profile that allows the jacket to be worn with body armor.
There are two zipper pockets located on each sleeve. The upper pocket have a larger volume.
The jacket is equipped with environmentally friendly recyclable packaging made of synthetic fabric, which allows to transport and store CCRJ MK-2 jacket or the clothing and equipment of the same size.

Membrane, wind- waterproof fabric WW-Block® G2 (100% polyester)
1 year