Marine leather jacket
Marine leather jacket "U-96" 1940 Jahr
P1G Living History
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Genuine horse leather; Lining - 100% wool
Marine leather jacket "U-96" 1940 Jahr
P1G Living History
Legendary maritime leather jacket of the Kriegsmarine for the period of the beginning of WWII. First double-breasted leather jackets wew used by the crew of the legendary U-96 submarine during the Battle of Britain is 1940.
"U-96" jacket as a classic rugged leather jacket, the cut of whick was typical for first half of 20th century. Similar double-breasted leather jackets were used as civil demi-seasonjackets, as uniform pilotjackets, by airmen, motorists, and many people of technical occupations and professions.
"U-96" jacket can be used for both military and historical reconstruction, as well as for everyday wear by lovers of classic high-quality historical items.
On the front of the jacket has four internal pockets two of which has protective flaps. Inside the jacket there are two hidden internal pockets. U-96 jacket has three-row double-breasted clasp with melanine buttons which have Kriegsmarine logo on them. Such construction provides additional wind protection.
Сlassic turndown "Coat" collar can be raised to protect the neck from wind and moisture. On the back of the jacket is a belt. Jackets "U-96" are provided with reusable eco-friendly meshed bag, which can be used continuously for the transportation and storage of jacket.
Genuine horse leather; Lining - 100% wool
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