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500D Cordura (Nylon 6.6) Made in USA ( MIL-DTL-32439 Type 3 Class 3)\ EVA Foam
5 years for civilian use/ 2 years for battle use
MULTI-BARREL RIFLE MISSION BAG M.U.B.S."ARTB" (ASSAULT RIFLE TRANSPORT BAG) was developed by specialists of the design bureau SPA 281/Z for people with AR-15 carbines, interchangeable barrels and accessories for them. The cover will allow you to have everything you need for your rifle in one universal complex. Included in the "M.U.B.S" (Modular Unloading Battle System) kit is intended for transportation in field and city conditions of rifles up to 94 centimeters long. The bag-case has non aggressive, semi-urban look that allow to transport your rifle insensibly to environment.
The main compartment is designed for the rifle itself and has soft walls, protecting your weapons and attached sighting devices from damage. In areas of increased friction, we installed reinforcing belt tape, which excludes damage to the cover. The reliable mounting of the weapon in the middle of the "ARTB" case is achieved by means of adjustable sling with fasteners of the "Fastex" type. Slings can be placed under different lengths and configuration of the weapon for convenient transportation, or be dismantled if quick access to the carbine is necessary.
There are two forecourt substitutes for replaceable barrels in the design of the "ARTB" cover, which can serve as universal pockets for weapon accessories (suppressors, cleaning kit, ramrod, etc.), or can accommodate subsidiary weapons. The compartments are reinforced with a belt tape in the lower part.
There are three large horizontal compartments on the front panel of the cover which perfectly accommodates to other modules of the "M.U.B.S" system, namely:
COMBAT BAG M.U.B.S. "ARCB" (ASSAULT RIFLE COMBAT BAG) - convenient bag, holds 12 stores, and can be used as a chest rig system;
COMBAT BAG M.U.B.S. "MCB" (MUNITION COMBAT BAG) - universal bag, contains a kit for cleaning and lubricating weapons, additional ammunition and additional equipment;
or components for weapons and equipment (pouches, bags, mags, additional ammunition, etc.).
The compartment is designed to provide the bags fit tightly to the cover and exclude their "swing". There are compression tapes over the compartments that allow to fix equipment, or reduce the volume of compartments. In the upper part of the cover is a small administrative pocket which allows you to place personal things in it (documents, permission for weapons, purse, etc.). There is a "Velcro" panel on top of the pocket for attaching identifiers and patches.
All main sections have a quick opening system, which provides quick access to the rifle and equipment if necessary.
Comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps have a quick release system, which is provided with fasteners of the "Fastex" type. These straps can be hidden in a special pocket for convenient transportation for one of the three handles.
The "ARTB" cover has damper inserts made of high-quality «EVA Foam», which protects the weapon and additional modules from mechanical damage. EVA foam is not subject to moisture (has very high hydrophobicity) and temperature differences. The "ARTB" cover is made of Cordura® 500D, which resistance characteristics are almost the same as the Cordura® 1000D. It significantly reduces the weight of the product. All places of increased risk of abrasion or tearing reinforced with belt tape, whose characteristics of resistance to physical effects are much higher than those of Cordura®, which provides very high wear resistance.
We are confident in the quality and reliability of our cover, therefore we provide a guarantee: 5 years for civil use / 2 years for combat use.

The dimensions of the cover are 96x41x16cm.
The main material of the cover is M.U.B.S. «ARTB» - 500D Cordura®
Fittings - 2M
The damper inserts are EVA Foam (1 cm thick)

Designed and produced in Ukraine from the materials of the best world brands.
500D Cordura (Nylon 6.6) Made in USA ( MIL-DTL-32439 Type 3 Class 3)\ EVA Foam
5 years for civilian use/ 2 years for battle use