Field summer pants
Field summer pants "MABUTA Mk-2" (Hot Weather Field Pants)
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65% cotton, 35% polyester (Rip-stop "Profit-on")
1 year
Field summer pants "MABUTA Mk-2" (Hot Weather Field Pants)
In Soviet times, it has been a popular suit for the hot climate which is called "Mabuta". The suit was popular among special forces soldiers, spies and commandos. Initially suit called "Mabuta" was created for Soviet military advisers, serving in countries with hot climates. Later "Mabuta" suit (the first and second versions of the costume) began to be delivered to the troops stationed in the territories of the Soviet Union with tropical and desert climate (the Caucasus and Central Asia). The greatest popularity and people's love "Mabuta" suit won in the 80-ies of XX century, during the war in Afghanistan. Soldiers of all arms, ranks and military specialties have tried to get this handy summer suit. Such popularity "Mabuta" got due to the fact that the suit made using durable but lightweight fabric. "Mabuta" suit had a more comfortable and "progressive" (as compared with the standard uniform of the time) cut, location of pockets, ventilation system. Soviet "Mabuta" consisted of pants, a light jacket and a cap with a turndown "ears". Today original "Mabuta" suit of the Soviet period is a collector's rarity.
P1G-TAC company created a modern version of the legendary "Mabuta" "MABUTA Mk-2" in 2013. We used already tested and well-proven in hot climates fabric Profit-on. The cut of the suit saved the best qualities of the Soviet "Mabuta" which are complemented with modern trends of creating a field uniform of the XXI century.
Field summer pants "MABUTA Mk-2" (Hot Weather Field Pants).
Summer pants "MABUTA Mk-2" and have a wide belt with a hard inner damper insert that provides a snug fit to the body, good sweat absorption and compensates load when wearing heavy equipment on waistband. The volume is adjusted using belt buckles type "Velcro." This type of fastener allows you to perfectly adjust the volume of the belt at the waist depending on the individual size or layers of clothing worn. Pants waist belt is attached to the pants using five broad belt slot, which allow the use of belts up to 5.5 cm wide. At the bottom of the belt slot located four D-shaped plastic ring YKK, which can be used for fixing and fastening equipment, pistol safety cord etc. At the back of the lumbar area there is an insert made of elastic nylon which provides mobility across the top of the pants area.
On the back of the top of the pants under the elastic inserts there are two internal pockets which have protective flaps closed with "Velcro" hook-type. The upper front of the pants has two inner slash pockets. The "neck" of the pockets ready to wear equipment with "clip" mount (folding knives, multi-tools, tactical lights, etc.) strengthened by a second layer of fabric for preventing abrasion of the pockets. Inside these pockets there is a special sling with adjustable buckle YKK which is used to control the vertical position of protective knee pads. Using this sling and locking buckle you can perfectly adjust the vertical position of knee pads according to the growth and characteristics of the person.
On the front of the thigh of the pants there are two pockets medium size. Safety valves of the pockets close with "English Button". Buttons for this model have an elastic attachment to tissue that allows you to open and close them with gloves. Also, this design prevents the tearing of buttons in the case of snagging, as the button has the ability to move that dampens the load on it.
Folds of the pockets are made flat so that the empty pocket formed naturally and fit to the main surface of the trousers. When filling the pockets of equipment and things size of pocket converts just enough to accommodate the necessary equipment. At the bottom of the pockets are eyelets for water drainage.
On the back of the thigh area of the pants are two large outer pockets that close with safety valves such as "English Button". The neck of the pockets are equipped with an adjustable elastic buckles YKK. This ensures reliable closing of the pockets that prevents loss of contents even when you open the protective flap of the pocket. With adjustable bands and protective valves tucked into the pockets this pockets can be used as a drop pouch for empty magazines from short-and long-barreled personal weapons. At the bottom of the pockets are eyelets for water drainage. Location volume thigh pockets in trousers "MABUTA Mk-2" is selected in such a way that these pockets are always available for use, it does not disturb and cling to the surrounding objects.
At the knee area there are elastic nylon inserts which provide flexibility of knee area and do not inhibit knee flexing in any position.
Knee area also protected by plastic knee pads with additional internal damper. It completely eliminates the need to use additional protection of the knee in the field and tactical conditions. Protective plastic knee pads are removable, which makes easy washing and handing of trousers. Under the knee area there are an elastic straps with adjustable YKK buckle. Using this knee straps you can adjust horizontal position of the plastic knee pads to the size and structure of the body of the user. Elastic straps provides a soft but secure fit of the knee pads to the leg and prevent "stalling" kneepads aside during active motor loads.
At the lower inside part of trouser leg there are additional pads that prevents tearing of the pants.
Volume of the cuffs of the pants is regulated by the Velcro valves. Using this Velcro valves you can adjust trouser leg on top of the field footwear.This prevents sand and dirt inside of the shoes and pants.

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65% cotton, 35% polyester (Rip-stop "Profit-on")
1 year