• Winter liner warmer jacket "PCWJ-Thermal Pro" (Punisher Combat Warmer Jacket Polartec Thermal Pro)
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"Punisher Combat - Patrol Winter" field unifrom set
Today, the tendency of multilayeredness prevails in the development of field uniforms in the world.
Due to technical properties of materials, that complement each other, multilayeredness allows to compose different layers of uniform depending on physical activity, weather conditions and climatic zone during military operation, while providing maximum comfort.
Development of military uniform requires scientific approach to the selections of fabric and accesories. Shallow copying does not take into account technical characteristics of the materials and negates all the advantages of multilayeredness.
Specialists of 281/Z Development Group and P1G-TAC developed Unified Combat Kit of field uniform "Punisher Combat", taking worldwide experience of field uniform operation in combat conditions as a basis. "Punisher Combat" kit does not have excess elements which allows to ease transportation of personal clothing by soldiers and combining layers of kit for different activities.
All components of the kit were thorougly tested in field conditions and showed high interaction effectiveness between different layers of kit.
When creating and producing "Punisher Combat" kit only the best materials from leading manufacturers (such as Polartec, Brookwood, Coats, YKK, Velcro, etc.) are used. Most of them were tested in combat conditions, have US or NATO military specification.
  • Avenger - MIL-SPEC PD 06-04, made in USA;
  • Polartec fabrics, made in USA.
  • TenCate Defender-M Fire resistant fabric (NFPA 1971-2007, CAN/CGSB 155.1)
  • Prof-It-On lightweight blended fabric with high wear resistance.
  • Coats threads, Made in UK;
  • YKK and Velcro MIL-SPEC accesories.
All "Punisher Combat" kit materials and accesories are NIR Compliant.
All elements of "Punisher Combat" kit have manufacturer's varranty:
1 year for clothing;
14 days for underwear.
Unified Combat Kit «Punisher Combat – Patrol Winter»
Main regions of use - mountain terrain, moderate climatic zone (autumn, spring, active use in winter).
Temperature conditions: +10 °C – -5 °C.
Activity: static, active (in winter);
  1. "PCWU-Power Grid" (Punisher Combat Winter Underwear Polartec Power Grid)
    Polartec Power Grid (100% polyester)
  2. "WDS" (Winter Day Sox)
    70% wool, 25% nylon, 5% elastane
  3. "FDB" (Frogman Duty Belt)
    Belt: 100% polyamide. Buckle: 100% polyamide (nylon 6.6);
  4. "PCWJ-Thermal Pro" (Punisher Combat Warmer Jacket Polartec Thermal Pro)
    "AVENGER"(100% Nylon 6.6) Made in USA (Mil-Spec-PD-06-04) / Polartec THERMAL PRO (100% polyester) Made in USA
  5. "PCWPJ-Alpha" (Punisher Combat Winter Patrol Jacket Polartec Alpha)
    "AVENGER"(100% Nylon 6.6) Made in USA (Mil-Spec-PD-06-04) / Polartec ALPHA (100% polyester) Made in USA
  6. "PCWCP-Alpha" (Punisher Combat Winter Constant Pants Polartec Alpha/P.Filll)
    "AVENGER"(100% Nylon 6.6) Made in USA (Mil-Spec-PD-06-04) / Polartec ALPHA / POWER FILL (100% polyester) Made in USA
  7. "PCWPH-Thermal Pro" (Punisher Combat Winter Patrol Hat Polartec T.Pro)
    Polartec THERMAL PRO (100% polyester) Made in USA
  8. "HTW-Thermal Pro" (Headband Tube Winter Polartec Thermal Pro)
    Polartec THERMAL PRO (100% polyester) Made in USA